Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Dresses

It's time to spruce up your little girls' spring wardrobes with some beautiful dresses!! Grits & Giggles Pattern Shop is full of dress patterns that are easy to sew, and leave room for your imagination to run wild! Use multiple fabrics, add monograms and trims, and make the outfit completely unique to your little girl. 

Here are some of my favorites....

Happy Shopping and Sewing!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Risen Printables for Easter

Decorating for Easter can be difficult. You want to include the fun of the Easter Bunny and egg hunts, but we need to remember the REAL reason for Easter!

These FREE printables are a 5x7 size. Just click and save, print and frame. There are three soft colors to choose from.

Use these in your home, office, Sunday school room, or wherever you need a little color for your Easter season!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sewing for Free Spirit Fabrics

I was delighted and honored to sew some children's clothing samples for TWO amazing Free Spirit Fabric Designers for Fall Quilt Market. Getting to see and work with these fabrics before they were released was so much fun, and they were incredible to work with.

The first line was "Clementine" by Heather Bailey. Her bright colors and amazing florals were so much fun, and Goldilocks was soooo sad that the clothes didn't get to stay at our house.

I made a Laura Jane Dress, Merebeth Paper Bag Skirt, Grayson Leigh Dress, and appliqued a t-shirt to match the skirt. All patterns can be found HERE at Grits & Giggles Pattern Shop.

I also did a set with "Feather Flock" by Tina Givens. These fabrics were whimsical and beautiful, full of fairy tale creatures and vibrant colors.

For this collection I made a Grayson Leigh Dress and a Merebeth Paper Bag Skirt, along with an appliqued shirt to match. 

If you love boutique-style outfits, this is a super-easy to do combination! The Merebeth skirt sews up fast and makes a big statement.

I don't know which one I love more. I'll be ordering these fabrics once they come out to recreate these looks for Goldilocks for sure!

I did manage to take one modeling shot of Goldilocks before I sent the outfits off to designers. This girl is painfully beautiful. 

Thanks again to Coats & Clark and Free Spirit Fabrics for allowing me to work with you on this special project. The fabrics are beautiful as always and make the perfect canvas for creating beautiful things.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

DIY: Functional Desk Flowers

In an effort to make my desk prettier, but still have functional things on it, I wanted to make some flower pens! These were popular when I was in school, so I'm bringing them back!

To make your own bouquet, you will need:

Silk flowers (mine are from Hobby Lobby)
Floral stem tape
ball point pens

First, cut the flowers from the bunch, removing leaves. I cut my stems to about 5" in length. They should be shorter than your pens.

Hold your flower tightly to your pen, and using your floral tape, wrap the two together. I went down the pen first, then back up to completely cover the stem.

Put some rocks or marbles in a mason jar for a sweet pen holder, or place them in your favorite container.
I left the caps on to help the pens last longer, but you can remove them if you don't want to see them.

So simple to make, but so pretty on the desk. And they're fun to write with!!

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